Local businesses are the heart and soul of communities.
And right now, they need our support.
That’s why we’re bringing you Groupbiz Live…
An artists supporting local businesses event.
Join us as we cross the country to hear top artists deliver unforgettable performances and share stories of the businesses they know and love.

Special Livestream Event
Saturday, July 25th
5pm PST
Brooklyn Allman
Jones Hollywood
Downward Dog Yoga Centre
Mike Inez
Amoeba Records
Hosted by Paul Blazek
Where to Watch
Jones Hollywood

Since its opening in 1994, Jones eatery is something of a Hollywood staple. It’s a little rock ‘n’ roll and notorious for tasty Italian American plates and celebrity sightings. Now in the era of Covid-19, they are still serving the community by offering curbside pickup for food and cocktails.


L. Brooklyn Allman

Brooklyn, daughter of the Allman Brothers Band's Gregg Allman, has her own group just like her famous father. They have a different sound of course, trading her father's organic blend of blues and rock for more modern alternative rock and heavy metal sounds.


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